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Certified Organic Farm supplying Brisbane- SPring Lakes Farm Queensland

Three pivotal moments
+ one grand decision.


A life cut short way too early.

A miserable career.

Peace and calm, brought on by wide open spaces.


2012 was a big, bittersweet year. It was the year that our beautiful daughter was born, and the year that my mum was taken from us by an awful, aggressive illness. It was also the year that Zac decided that his job sucked and he wanted more out of his life.


We were living in Perth in an inner-city house that we had just finished renovating. Our son had begun walking and we had baby number two on the way. We were newly engaged, my mum recently diagnosed with MND, and Zac back at work after spending 6 months being his own boss. A lot was going on for us, but we did have seemingly perfect lives. We were a happy, young family with a nice home, a network of friends and a well-paying job. But even with all of that, we both wanted more. I struggled with being at home in the city with a restless, on-the-go boy and Zac yearned for a challenge. To run his own show.

It was on our trip to see friends on their property about 3 hours south of Perth that I received the peace that I needed. Our Son, 12 months at the time found his calm in the wide open spaces – I felt relaxed and free. My space had widened and so had my thoughts, it was the first time that I seriously considered moving to the country.


It was not long after my Mum passed that Zac confessed. It had been obvious to me anyway. He was sick of his work and felt dissatisfied every single day. It was time to make some changes.

So off we went in separate directions, to think about what it was that we wanted. I came up with wide open spaces, a humble and welcoming home with happy kids roaming free. Zac came up with farming. What an ideal match – something worth considering.


So that’s what we did, we divulged the whole process. We questioned what we would risk if we stayed and what we would risk if we went. We thought about how it would feel if we didn’t move and how it would feel if we did. Mostly we daydreamed about how amazing a life as a farmer would be.


So we had a decision to make – do we move to the country and become farmers or do we stay safe, nestled in our comfort zone in the city?


Zac was brought up on a sheep and wheat farm. Farming was an obvious choice for Zac – he was born to be a Farmer – anything else would have been wasted talent.  I couldn’t help but feel, even in its high-risk nature, that taking the leap of faith and becoming farmers was the right choice for us.


So we made the decision, and farming it was.


An opportunity came up – an organic farm nestled in bushland in Queensland’s salad bowl – The Lockyer Valley. In August 2013 when Darcy was 2.5 years old and Olivia 7 months we relocated, bought ourselves a tractor, and started farming.


We are now in our third sweet potato season. We have experienced many of the farming woes in our short history. The challenges are constant and we work hard to make everything work. Often I get asked how we stay calm and positive (in times of high-stress: no money, failed crops, broken machinery, way-ward staff are just a few) and my answer is this:


We are doing what we are supposed to be doing. The farming life is what is right for us.
So somehow we will make it happen. And somehow it will work.


Come and meet the crew who grow, care for, harvest and sell the produce from Spring Lakes Farm.


Every person plays an important part in our family business.