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One Hamburger at a Time

Spring Lakes Farm - One hamburger at a time

03 Feb One Hamburger at a Time

Here I go again. That insistent feeling of overwhelm is rearing its ugly head. There is so much to do. I am working on three major projects right now; Spring Lakes Farm, Organika Farm blog and building our house. As well as being full-time Mum to our wonderfully-full-of-energy two year old and our peacefully-happy almost-one year old, plus running a household, plus being a wife (de-facto, really) and plus trying to find time for myself to do exercise and indulge in the things I love.

I am sure you feel the same. This time of year kicks of all sorts of shenanigans. I, however, don’t think I will be involved in too many of the aforementioned shenanigans. I will be trying to keep my head above water, focusing on the dream-creation that we have started.

My to-do list is endless, and it includes hugely important items that are fighting for priority.


I am not even including minor tasks like cook dinner, do washing, vacuum, because psychologically I would not be able to cope with the mammoth list that would be. The list is ginormous as it is. All of it is exciting, however. All of it will bring us closer to our dream life. So really, there’s no use in complaining. Instead I just have to find the time and get on with it.

The feeling of overwhelm is a persistent little bugger. But I do have one analogy that I love to think about in times like these. It just eases the tension, and actually makes me smile. It’s hugely affective.

The following story was told to me by my old boss back in my former life as a personal assistant. It goes like this:

Phil was a new recruit to Rotary.  As part of Rotary’s fundraising activities they would sell food at various events.  Phil’s first assignment was at a local car race and his job was to prepare the hamburgers.  All was going well during the morning with a steady flow of people coming up to the van.  Phil was in rhythm and was keeping supply ahead of demand.  Then it hit midday and the racing stopped for a lunch break. 

All of a sudden a hoard of people appeared at the van, 3 lines wide and as far back as the eye could see.  This overwhelming panic struck as Phil was trying to work out how he could possibly get enough hamburgers ready to feed this mob.  Seeing the look of panic in Phil’s eyes, one of the seasoned Rotarians, a veteran of many lunchtime onslaughts, gave him this advice.

“Do you see that person in front of you?  He’s your customer.  He wants a hamburger.  Sell him a hamburger and he’s done.  Then you will have another customer in front of you.  Sell him a hamburger and he’s done.  If you keep doing that, eventually the line will disappear.”

It’s interesting that the task in itself was quite simple; one customer, one hamburger, but when coupled with the size of the crowd it all of a sudden became all too huge to manage.  

So now when I get overwhelmed by what I have to do, I break it down into bite sized pieces and deal with them – one hamburger at a time.


Finding a balance is key – the key to a blissfully happy life. But reality buckles that on occasion and the balance becomes a fantastical, out-of-reach goal. I take the ‘one hamburger a time’ approach to my busy-hectic schedule.

I’m actually thinking of changing the analogy from ‘one hamburger’ to ‘one sweet potato’ at a time. Although, I don’t think Zac would be pleased with the output if it were only one sweet potato.

And here we are, Monday has come upon as again – what are you going to implement TODAY to change the rest of your life?

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