Spring Lakes Farm | The Farmers Market – bringing happiness to my world
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The Farmers Market – bringing happiness to my world


04 Oct The Farmers Market – bringing happiness to my world

Remember that time when the crop yielded considerably less than expected, and you worked so hard that we never saw you, and I was wrapped around housework and kids and setting up businesses, that life became a blur.

It was hard to find perspective.

But look at us now, we got through that. Only to learn that there were many more times like that. We learned that the farming life was volatile and unpredictable, held at the hands of nature.

It was impressive, though.

You learned so much, so quickly. You changed your farming practices, and things got better. You mastered one challenge, only to be hit by another. And so the cycle began.

The true reason was being fulfilled.

My days were long. But they were lifted with endless stories and memories our children were creating. I was often reminded that all the hard work would pay off. I was reminded that what we were doing was impacting our children’s’ lives, and only for the better.

Wasn’t it good, that we kept putting one step in front of the other.

The weeks did seem to pass by quickly, but the days were long – our perception of time was warped. There was so much to do. But somehow, we found the energy to put one step in front of the other.

That’s a snippet of a conversation between our 80 year old selves. Zac and I – sitting on our porch, sipping on tea and eating sweet potato and ginger cookies.

It’s this conversation that has provided the perspective that I need. And I don’t want to go on, and detail the busy-ness that has been our lives. Because really, it seems like everyone is so busy, there’s almost a “Who can be the busiest person” competition running always, every single day. I don’t feel accomplished knowing I spent the day being busy. It’s not really what life is about, being busy. But it is my reality right now, and it’s the reason why I looked to my beloved 80 year old self, who is always ideal in setting me back on the right track.

Blog_MessyDeskZac has been working a gazillion hours a week. It’s not the lifestyle he is looking to uphold, but setting out to start a farm from scratch is proving to put forth its challenges. And right now that requires a shite load of hours just working towards getting stuff done. This of course ricochets to me, to the family, and the seams start to stretch, and things start popping out everywhere. Things like, a continual messy house, piles of washing, inbox explosion, paperwork over-flowing – just general chaos and monotony, really.

So thankfully, and I say that with a massive sigh of gratitude – I have got some normality and excitement happening, and that’s every Sunday at the Farmer’s Markets. Our first Sunday went really smoothly, once we had stumbled through our set-up, and once the customers started to show (at a fresh 5am), we found our rhythm and the morning just flew by. On many occasions I stopped, and said out loud ‘man, I love a farmer’s market’. I truly believe there is no better place to spend your Saturday or Sunday morning – it’s my religion.

Our second week went just as well and we were greeted by returning customers, people who we fondly call our regulars. People who came to tell us that the sweet potato was delicious, that the Baby Butternut (that’s a pumpkling – a miniature pumpkin variety) was the sweetest pumpkin they had ever eaten, and people returning to pick up produce because they knew the quality was the best.

We are obviously new at the markets, as we are to all things farming, but the people who we work with at Bauer’s Organic Farm, are a very familiar name in the organic farming world, and people are over-joyed to see their produce back at the markets. The Bauer’s have a long standing reputation for good quality produce. So we are thrilled to be able to work alongside people who are so experienced and so highly respected in the fruit and vegetable world. Both fellow growers and consumers know the name, and everyone wants a piece of their produce. Zac and I extend our aspirations to one day matching that quality, and lucky for us – we have got half a chance with the Bauer’s standing right next to us as we fumble through our farming path.

So even though life seems a bit a tough right now, there’s plenty to look forward to. And we can be rest assured, every day we know we have made the right decision. And we always knew it would be tough and at the same time rewarding. So right now, I am looking forward to the next market day, and to hopefully see Zac someday soon when we both are not dog-tired.

So as the trend seems to be, are you too really busy? How do you slow down the busy-ness? It seems obvious, just stop for a second and sit, right? Not so easy for me – slowing down is one of my biggest inner-challenges!

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